Welcome to Hamsies Cute Shop Online!

Welcome to Hamsies Cute Shop Online!

Welcome to Hamsies Cute Shop Online!


Who are behind Hamsies Cute Shop?

Welcome! My name is Haimy and I am the owner of Hamsies Cute Shop. I started Hamsies Cute Shop in 2014, and it's still going strong! I often hire help for conventions, and I especially want to share credit with my minions!

Why do you sell what you sell?

I LOVE cute things! I especially love to share my love for cute things with my customers. I hand picked every item I have for sale, and I always have my customers in mind. Those of you guys that remember me every year, thank you! I try my best to bring fresh new products every time.

I see that you're finally online!

I know! I'm sorry! It's a ton of work. Thanks to all this extra time due to COVID-19, I finally have the time to just build the entire site and take pictures, and put up listings. Please be kind! It's not perfect, but I'm trying to improve it everyday!

What's Next?

Well, considering that conventions are probably canceled for the rest of 2020, I'll be amping up my online stuff! I have a lot of great ideas I plan to implement after I get the meat and bones up. It's a tough year, but I'm grateful for all the opportunities I've been able to snag.

Thank you for being a Hamsies patron!